How does Telegram channel(bot) make money with is an advertising network that can make money by uploading movies or searching for dumping movies and sharing movies. Now it is one of Linkbox's advertising agencies. As long as you have a Telegram channel or a bot or a Telegram group, you can make money with

Steps to Start Earning:

Step1: Register to create an account

Step2: Find [Campaign], select [Linkbox]

Step3: Create [New Group], and upload documents

Step4: If you don't have a movie to upload, you can find [Search], enter the movie name, and click [Save]

Step5: Click to share, share link on social media, you can make money

Reference example (how to share movies on Telegram to make money)

Style 1: Include an appropriate image of the film, a brief introduction to the film to be shared, and a link to a film you uploaded yourself or are looking to remove

Tips for Make money:
1. Remember to update movies to your channel daily;
2. Your income data will be displayed in Moneycase(, please feel free to contact if you have any questions
3. You can make money with moneycase according to the characteristics of your channel

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  1. Please Create telegram bot which can Upload Files to Link Box Account