How does TikTok creator make money with is an ad network where you can make money uploading movies or searching for dumps and sharing movies. if you have private traffic such as tiktok

Now it is one of Linkbox's advertising agencies.

Steps to start making money:

Step1: Register to create an account

Step2: Find [Campaign], select [Linkbox]

Step3: Create [New Group], and upload files

Step4: If you don't have a movie to upload, you can find [Search], enter the movie name, and click [Save]

Step5: Click the share group link, share the link in your TikTok Bio and you can make money

For example (How to make money sharing movies on TikTok)

Style 1: Include a group link to share on BIO, post video clips, leave a message at the top of the comment area, and let users click on BIO or profile to watch movies, and frequently update movie episodes in your group

Step1:setting [my bio]
You can use the bio link method to link the movie to the bio link page
like this↓

You can also add the movie link directly to the bio
like this↓

Step2:one more important thing
Remind viewers to check your bio or profile in the comment area
like this↓

Tips for making money:
1. Frequently update TikTok videos;
2. Leave the top comments in the comments column below the updated video: Watch popular movies, check the link in the bio (profile) (copy can be edited by yourself, especially to guide the user to click on the bio to watch the episode video)
3. Movies/animations in the group must be constantly updated and updated frequently, and you can move the episodes up yourself;
4. Make sure to confirm whether you have edited the anime or movie in the folder. If not, please find and remove the episodes that match the edited video, and tell the user how to search for the episode;
5. When finding videos with high video playback volume, be sure to recommend users to watch movies/anime series in groups
6. Video clips should be vertical animations or movies as much as possible, to make it easier to make money.

TikTok creators can increase their earnings and make more money with the above tips

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